Director's Cut No.3: Pechuga

In 2017 it was the turn of Mr Jake F Burger himself to create the third in the Director's Cut series. Directors Cut No.03 Pechuga Gin was created using a unique process which we borrowed from our mezcal producing brothers and sisters in Mexico. On occasions of great celebration like baptisms, marriages and quinceañeras, a Distiller’s whole family will mark the affair by gathering fruits, grains and spices and then redistilling their mezcal with these ingredients, to create what they call a Pechuga Mezcal.
Pechuga translates into English as ‘breast’ and refers to the fact that they also suspend the breast of a chicken or a turkey in the Still, which is slowly cooked by the vapours of the mezcal during this distillation and is said to add subtle flavours to the spirit.
For this gin we took a finished batch of Portobello Road Gin 171 and on 25th October 2017 prepared what we believe to be the world’s first Pechuga Gin surrounded by our family and friends. The gin was then redistilled with apples, pears, plums, currants, raisins, sultanas, apricots, brown rice, passion fruit, cinnamon and cassia bark as well as nutmeg and mace, that was harvested by Jake on the beautiful Spice Island, Grenada, and the all important turkey breast, provided to us by famous West London butcher C. Lidgate, of Holland Park Avenue.
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