Local Heroes No.1: Brett Graham

Portobello Road Gin proudly introduced the first in the Local Heroes series back in 2015; a very limited edition collection of gins created in collaboration with local people who embody the spirit of our much loved West London neighbourhood. Local Heroes No.1 was the brain child of Brett Graham, owner and head chef at The Ledbury. Undoubtedly one of our favourite local restaurants, The Ledbury has acquired a number of notable accolades including two Michelin Stars, and in May 2014 was named the 10th Best Restaurant in The World by Restaurant Magazine.

Brett’s gin, as with all of the Local Heroes collection, was slowly and lovingly hand distilled in very small batches in our diminutive copper pot still at 171 Portobello Road above The Portobello Star. Brett worked alongside our master blender Jake Burger to create a refined liquid that represents The Ledbury, Brett Graham and Portobello Road Gin. The recipe called for a number of our signature botanicals alongside some more esoteric ingredients chosen by Brett and the team at The Ledbury, including Green Olive, Clementine, Dandelion and Lovage. As well as being distilled by hand, the gin was been bottled and labelled by the team at 171 Portobello Road and each bottle was checked and signed by Brett and Jake.

Local Heroes No.1 is now sold out but stay updated for our next Limited Edition project or Directors Cut by following us on our social channels and signing up to our newsletter.