Where it all began

The Ginstitute

Nestled away on the top two floors of a 19th century public house on London's world famous Portobello Road is The Ginstitute: London's second-smallest museum and home to our 30L alembic still, Copernicus the Second.

It was here, whilst putting together The Ginstitute, that Ged, Jake and Paul decided that if they were going to provide this experience it really wouldn't be complete without a gin which could call The Ginstitute home.

Our Botanicals

Our base spirit is distilled here in England from English-grown wheat. Our nine botanical ingredients come from around the world; these include juniper berries and orris from Tuscany, Spanish lemon peels, bitter orange peels from Haiti or Morocco, nutmeg from Indonesia and cassia bark from South East Asia.


Crafting Portobello Road Gin

In the nine months of experimentation that followed the character of the gin was slowly created - a little more of this, a little less of that, this one makes a nice Martini, that one makes a nice Negroni, well you get the picture. Slowly but surely something we could be proud of emerged. Thus Portobello Road No 171 Gin was born.

The Perfect Blend

Bottled at a punchy 42% ABV these ingredients combine to create a uniquely versatile gin, with enough of those robust gin flavours like juniper, citrus and coriander to make a gin & tonic that tastes of gin not just of tonic, enough elegance to work in a Martini and because of the spices we use, enough depth of character and intensity to work in drinks like the Negroni or the multitude of modern cocktailian creations where it's going to come up against other powerful flavours.


The Tom Thumb Distiller

Copernicus the Second, being somewhat diminutive in stature and volume, the decision was taken to find somebody with the knowledge, talent, artistry and wherewithal to distill Portobello Road Gin on a larger scale. This was when we were lucky enough to find ninth generation distiller and former chairman of the Worshipful Company of Distillers, Mr Charles Maxwell - a man whose family have been involved in distillation in London for over 300 years and the owner of The Thames Distillery in South West London.

Portobello Road Gin No.171

We created a capital bracer we are proud to put our name on.

We Discovered The Perfect Pour With Ice, Tonic Water & A Twist of Pink Grapefruit

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Born on something of a whim, Portobello Road Gin has quickly established itself as a favourite amongst connoisseur consumers, bartenders and gin fans everywhere. Taking home a Gold Medal from the 2014 San Francisco Spirit Awards, it seems the judges are fans too.

Discover our Portobello Road Distillery Brands

For 10 years the team have been passionate about crafting quality, premium spirits inspired by the long, rich and on occasion miserable history of gin. Discover our timeline below to follow our journey.

Portobello Road Gin No.171

London Dry Gin

After nine months of experimentation and rigorous taste tests from industry experts, Portobello Road Gin is founded, launching with what was to become a multi-award winning, London Dry Gin.

Local Heroes No. 1

Brett Graham - The Ledbury

The first limited edition gin of what becomes the Local Heroes series. A collection of gins created in collaboration with local people who embody the spirit of our much loved West London neighbourhood. Local Heroes No.1 was the brain child of Brett Graham, owner and head chef at Michelin starred, The Ledbury.

Directors Cut No.1

Aspargus Gin

Launched every year in October to mark the birthday of Portobello Road Gin, a special edition gin is created for the 'Directors Cut' series. Each edition is a different recipe, distilled in small batches, using the opportunity to introduce some slightly more unusual gins, to flex our creative muscles and to pay tribute to some of our favourite gins from the past. The first Directors Cut was co-founder Paul Lane's back in 2015 when he created the first ever London Dry Gin made with British asparagus.

Local Heroes No.2

Carlo Cracco

The second in the special edition of Local Heroes gins was made with Carlo Cracco, two Michelin starred Chef, Italian Masterchef Judge and the celebrated & innovative Head Bartender of Carlo’s world-renowned Milan restaurant & bar Carlo e Camilla.

Directors Cut No.2

The Great Fire of London - Smoky Gin

October 2016 saw the launch of the next distillation in our Limited Edition series, Director’s Cut Gin. After the freshness of 2015’s Asparagus Gin, this second edition by Co-founder Ged Feltham, was all together more Autumnal & we proudly announced Director’s Cut No.2 was to be Smoky Gin, to celebrate our fifth year.

Directors Cut No.3


In 2017 it was the turn of Master Distiller and Director, Jake F. Burger himself to create the third in the Director's Cut series. Directors Cut No.3 Pechuga Gin was created using a unique process which we borrowed from our mezcal producing brothers and sisters in Mexico.

Portobello Road Gin Distillery

Navy Strength

In 2018, our nautical-inspired Navy Strength Gin joined the core brand offering. Splice the mainbrace!

Directors Cut No.4

A Parsnip in a pear tree

Crafted by Portobello Road Gin’s Brand Director, Tom Coates, Director’s Cut No.4 ‘A Parsnip In A Pear Tree’ Gin was created using parsnips sourced from the fruit and veg barrows from London’s most iconic market and the gin’s home, Portobello Road Market.

Local Heroes 3

Mark Knopfler

Collaborating with legendary rock musician and Dire Straits frontman, Mark Knopfler OBE, Local Heroes No.3 launched a distinctive, special edition ‘rock n roll’ gin in 2019.

Portobello Road Gin Distillery

Celebrated Butter Gin

Inspired by Dickensian London, this unique expression joined the core range in 2019.

Portobello Road Gin Distillery


Crafted especially for gin-fans who are looking to moderate their intake of alcohol yet don’t want to compromise on flavour, our low alcohol spirit, Temperance joined the family.

Portobello Road Gin Distillery

Old Tom

Paying homage to what we think gin would've been before its transformation took place, our Old Tom was developed using traditional methods whilst appealing to the modern drinker.

Portobello Road Gin Distillery

Sloeberry and Blackcurrant Gin

Blended with sloe berries foraged from the wilds of Burgundy, a French blackcurrant liqueur and an Italian cherry liqueur, in 2020 our winter warming Sloeberry & Blackcurrant gin launched.