Chronicles of the Martini

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Ever since it first appeared in the 1880’s the Martini has been one of, if not the, most popular cocktails in the world.

“The only American invention as perfect as the sonnet.” - As the great American newspaper man H.L. Mencken is said to have described it.

Though as you’ll learn in this session he almost certainly didn’t actually say that, and indeed everything else you think you know about the Martini is is quite possibly wrong too!

Join us for a deep dive into the amazing history of this timeless drink; where and when it emerged, how to make it, some of the most famous names that have enjoyed this drink over the years, all whilst tasting a range of Martinis illustrating how the drink has evolved over the decades.

Now hosted at the wonderful Soho Hotel in Central London

Please arrive on time and sober as there is quite a bit to get through and several drinks to be drunk.
Session Times
5pm - 7pm
Duration · 2hr
The Soho Hotel, Richmond Mews, London, UK