The Co-Naissance Cocktail with The Savoy and EcoSpirits

Portobello Road Gin is delighted to be part of a new project at The Savoy Hotel, creating what could well be Europe's most sustainable cocktail as part of the European launch of ecoSPIRITSTM – a new low waste, low carbon spirits technology.

The Co-Naissance Cocktail

This environmentally-friendly masterpiece has been developed by Senior Mixologist at The Savoy, Cristian Silenzi. It brings together Portobello Road Gin in low-waste ecoSPIRITSTM format, re-carbonated Champagne, and two unique locally foraged London ingredients, elderflower from Little Venice and fig leaves from Embankment Gardens. The name ‘Co-Naissance’ celebrates both knowledge of the past and new beginnings, vital themes as the world emerges from a challenging period and looks to a more sustainable future.

One of Europe’s Most Sustainable Serves

In a new partnership, the Co-Naissance cocktail is the first cocktail in Europe to use the ecoSPIRITSTM low waste, low carbon spirits technology. The ecoSPIRITSTM closed-loop system eliminates more than 90% of the carbon emissions footprint associated with the packaging and transport of the handcrafted Portobello Road Gin that is the heart of the cocktail. Re-carbonated Champagne, using premium Champagne from the hotel’s restaurants and bars, upcycles a valuable resource that would otherwise be discarded. Local foraging of ingredients from urban London complements the sustainability theme, further minimizing carbon emissions and agricultural impact. Finally, in a signature collaboration with ecoSPIRITS and Portobello Road Gin, The Savoy is planting one native tree in the endangered Kalimantan rainforests of Borneo for each Co-Naissance cocktail served; the planting progress will be shown on, where the number of trees will be updated every two weeks.

Portobello Road Gin, The Savoy and ecoSPIRITSTM support the United Kingdom’s drive for Net Zero in carbon emissions. The Co-Naissance Cocktail involves no packaging or ingredient waste, no single-use glass and eliminates more than 1.8kg of C02 emissions per cocktail through waste reduction and reforestation.

The Co-Naissance cocktail will be served in the Beaufort Bar and Thames Foyer at The Savoy from 1 July 2021.