Local Heroes 3 - Portobello Belle

9 April 2019

Zesty, fresh, lively, all the things you want in a gin and tonic. This one is named for the song Portobello Belle from the Dire Straits album Communiqué, which Mark wrote in 1979, shortly after having moved to the neighbourhood.

Local Heroes 3 features cucumber peel as one of it’s ingredients so the Fever Tree Light Cucumber Tonic makers for the perfect tonic for our signature G&T. We serve it copa style, with lots of ice and a simple garnish of basil leaf and orange zest.


50mls Local Heroes No.3 Gin
200mls Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic
Basil leaf garnish and shredded marmalade orange peel

Serve in a Copa with the orange and green coloured garnish.