Portobello Road Distillery

Portobello Road Sloeberry & Blackcurrant


To create Portobello Road Sloe & Blackcurrant Gin we distill a botanically intense version of our classic London Dry Gin and then blend it with sloe berries foraged from the wilds of Burgundy, a French blackcurrant liqueur, an Italian cherry liqueur, and a little sugar. Everything is then rested in ex-whiskey barrels at our home, The Distillery, on London’s iconic Portobello Road.

We find it to be intensely and re-assuringly “ginny” but also possessing a multifaceted stone fruit character, a welcome syrupy sweetness, and a subtle wood influence from the barrel. Delicious over ice, in your favourite cocktail, or if you’re like us, straight from your hip flask.

For as long as gin has been around people have looked to add other flavours to it and we suspect the English have been mixing sloes into their gin for quite some time, sloes do after all grow abundantly in this country and there is very little else to do with them! However the earliest reference we have found to Sloe Gin doesn’t until April 1874 in a newspaper article which described it as:

“…an infallible cordial against frozen noses.”

And who are we to disagree?

We hope you and your nose enjoy this bottle of Portobello Road Sloe & Blackcurrant Gin (with a hint of cherry and oak.)

Try it in a Sloe Gin Spritz.


28% abv

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