Portobello Road Distillery

Local Heroes No.1 Mushroom Cabinet Vodka

Shiitake and Lions Main Mushrooms to you and I.
Cultivated and grown Chef Brett Graham in the mushroom cabinet at the The Ledbury, Notting Hill's 2 Michelin starred restaurant in London.
The Distillery’s first ever Limited Edition Vodka.

For this monumental bottling, the we went back to one of our first ever collaborations, and teamed up with the exceptionally talented Chef Proprietor of famed Notting Hill restaurant; The Ledbury.

We initially collaborated with Brett, for the very first limited edition ‘Local Heroes’ Gin, a range celebrating the creativity and ingenuity of our Notting Hill neighbours. So we only saw fit to launch our first Local Heroes Vodka with the Michelin Starred chef.

With sustainability very much in mind, we have taken the off cuts from Brett’s onsite mushroom cabinet grown Shiitake and Lions Main mushrooms and distilled them into our British potato spirit to create a unique and intensely flavoured limited edition vodka.

Tasting Notes 
Re-assuringly familiar yet hard to place, a whiff of rich tea biscuit? The first rain of Autumn?
Heinz Cream of Mushroom soup?

Oily and creamy on the palate, with a definite feel of a walk in an ancient woodland, and a
suggestion of chocolate. Certainly it’s not one for everyone!

It’s on the finish where one really starts to pinpoint and recognise the mushroom flavour.
The flavours linger, and evolve. The combination of umami and sweetness beguiling the tongue.

A limited edition of bottles have been produced and once they're gone, they're gone.

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