Grow your own Juniper

In the summer of 2017 we teamed up with Waitrose to create a limited edition wrapped bottle available at local Waitrose, that came with a code to redeem your very own juniper sapling via our website.
To ensure your juniper flourished from sapling to shrub, we collaborated with green-fingered goddess and author of ‘How To Grow Stuff‘, Alice Vincent, to provide the horticultural hints to let your little bush thrive, whether you’ve got a gargantuan garden, burgeoning allotment, a delicate patch or balcony high above a concrete jungle.
British juniper has been in sharp decline since 2014 but once planted, each bush requires very little pruning and could live up to 170 years, which goes along way towards conservation efforts of our nation’s favourite tipple.
Check out Alice’s handy horticultural hints for your juniper below…
Make sure the soil is well-draining to ensure your juniper grows well in a wide range of temperatures.
Junipers are really hardy and great for beginners, so once you’ve planted it there’s not much TLC required.
The juniper sapling is a plug plant, which means it comes with compost and is ready to go – plus you can plant it all year round.
You can grow junipers in large plant pots or in your garden – but be sure to make sure the area is free of weeds and other plants.
Dig a hole about double the size of the rootball and surrounding compost and gently tease our the roots.
Pop the rootball into the hole and gently pay the soil down around it. Give it a good slug of water.
For the first two weeks, water your juniper two to three times a week. Then just let it be – if it gets too wet, it won’t be happy!
Little further cultivation should be required. Wait for the plant to start producing the wonderful juniper berry!
Grow your own juniper bottle wraps are no longer in circulation.