Navy Strength Henderson Cocktail

This is a long forgotten drink that our resident historian, Jake F. Burger, stumbled across in an old newspaper. More suited to the Merchant Navy than the Royal Navy, but we find it to be absolutely marvellous. Here is the original extract from the Pall Mall Gazette on April 24th 1922.

“The Hotel Metropole prides itself on its cocktails and the variety there of. A genius by the name of Harrison presides over the bars of the Gordon hotels, and he passes his days – even his Bank Holidays and Sundays – in considering and experimenting with new liquid, more or less alcoholic, combinations.

Successful results he is apt to dedicate to famous men with the cocktail habit. Lately he has delighted all Glasgow by concocting a very dry cocktail and naming it after Sir Frederick Henderson, the eminent shipbuilder of the Clyde.”

(In perhaps) an indiscreet moment Mr. Harrison let me into the secret of the Henderson cocktail.”


50mls Portobello Road Gin Navy Strength

3 dashes orange bitters

2 dashes Cointreau

25mls Lillet

Orange twist



In a chilled glass gentle stir in the orange bitters, Cointreau and Lillet into the gin. Add a cherry and a twist of orange to garnish.