Sloe Gin Rickey

The Gin Rickey is a very simple drink from the Golden Age of Cocktails, consisting of just gin, fresh lime juice and sparkling water, served long over ice. When made with London Dry Gin, due to the lack of any sugar, it is of course a very dry drink, often too dry for the modern palate. Using our Portobello Sloeberry & Blackcurrant gives a more balanced and shippable drink.

The Indianapolis Press reported in December, 1899.

“It is coming to be a very common thing in Indianapolis to see a man walk up to a bar and hear him call for a ‘gin Rickey.’ The “gin Rickey” has nothing whatever to do with the jinricksha of the Japanese. It is strictly American. One time Senator Rickey went to New York from his home in Missouri. He asked for a drink that the bartender could not prepare. The Senator then asked for a glass, a lime, a little ice, some gin and a seltzer bottle, and mixed his own drink. The bartender watched him closely and ever afterward called the drink a “Rickey” or “gin Rickey.” The “gin Rickey” is perhaps the mixed drink most in demand today in Indianapolis, unless it be the “high ball.”


35mls Portobello Road Sloeberry & Blackcurrant

200mls Vichy Catalan

15mls Fresh Lime Juice


Fill a highball glass with ice, pour the ingredients over and stir. Garnish with a cherry skewer.