Portobello Road Distillery

Portobello Road Toasted Coffee Bean Vodka


Colombian beans are steeped with our potato vodka in copper pot stills for twenty four hours before being redistilled to clear liquid. The resulting vodka has a delicious toasted coffee aroma that fills the nostrils. The rich and creamy spirit provides a perfect platform to carry the intense coffee flavour, which coats the mouth and lingers long on the palate.



Each bottle of Portobello Road Potato Vodka is distilled from almost three kilograms of British potatoes. The spirit is first distilled to a very high level of purity using the process of continuous distillation, and is then distilled once more the old fashioned way, in a copper pot still; this time in the presence of sacrificial copper, which helps to remove any unpleasant tasting flavour compounds. We then add the purest water and bottle it.

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