Paddington Bear's Marmalade Sandwich

Portobello Road’s most celebrated ursine fan; Paddington Bear, or Pastuso to use his given name as we really should in the post colonial era, was a big fan of marmalade sandwiches, and of Portobello Road. Our liquid version takes our Celebrated Butter Gin; a unique gin redistilled with salted English butter which has a slight creamy taste and has a noticeable weight on the palate, and mixes it into a sour with English marmalade, which provides a strong orange flavour and a degree of sweetness, the bitter Italian aperitif, Aperol, which balances the sweetness and adds another layer of flavour. and a sprinkling of toast dust, which completes the sandwich.

“We’re going to the Portobello Road,” explained Judy. ” It‘s a big outdoor market quite near here.”

“You should bring your pocket money,” added Jonathan. “There’s a lot to see.”

Paddington didn’t need asking twice and soon afterward they all set off.

Suddenly they turned a corner and he found himself in what seemed like a different world: a world of outdoor stands and pushcarts, gold and silver ornaments, books, old furniture, fruit and vegetables, people.

His eyes grew larger and larger as he tried to take it all in.

Paddington sniffed the air happily, “I like the Portobello Road,” he said.

“I think I shall always do my shopping here from now on.”


40ml Celebrated Butter Gin

15ml Aperol

10ml Fresh lemon juice

12.5ml egg white

5ml Cointreau

2 teaspoons of quality Marmalade

Toast dust to garnish


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice, shake well and strain in to a coupette. Garnish with a sprinkling of toast dust (make a piece of toast and scrape off some crumbs then lightly grind them down to a fine dust.)